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 Information: Below find several options for the repair of the Dell industry unique "3 conductor" power jack. The best option and easiest for you as a customer will be Option #1 for the $98 (plus cost of return shipping) option below. With that I can reassure that the DC jack repair was a success by powering up the laptop after the repair. The following repair options are available on ALL Dell laptops, but specifically the following:  Dell Inspiron Dell Inspiron 1150, Dell Inspiron 5150, Dell Inspiron 5160, Dell Inspiron 6000, Dell Inspiron 8500, Dell Inspiron 8600, Dell Inspiron 9100, Dell Inspiron 9200, Dell Inspiron 9300, 500M, 600M, 700M, Dell Precision: M20, M60, X300, Dell Latitude: Dell Latitude D400, Dell Latitude D410, Dell Latitude D500, Dell Latitude D505, Dell Latitude D510, Dell Latitude D600, Dell Latitude D610, Dell Latitude D800, Dell Latitude D810, and others. If you need your Dell fixed and need it fixed in a hurry ....this is the option for you. Once the Surgical Repair is completed, the jack is 2 to 3 times stronger than the original; due to my additional services such as extra solder to all pins and mount. I also add a special re-enforcement compound to help resist future problems.

The Symptoms: Is your AC / DC port loose, does the AC / DC power keep going On then Off and very intermittent, is the power adapter plug or power jack faulty, has the AC / DC port - connector come loose or is there a bad connection on the motherboard, does the machine - laptop - notebook just die or turn off suddenly, is the AC / DC port - power jack or connector bad on the board, has the dc jack come unsoldered or loose, when you plug in the power adapter or power plug does the laptop not power up and no lights come on, Is the laptop computer notebook completely dead, the power connector - connection plug is bad, bad power jack, the connector is broken, no power when the power on button is pressed, not charging the battery anymore, power connector is loose, the DC jack is broken off

The Solutions: If any of the above seems to be the case with your Dell, then you are in need of a DC power jack repair. Don't be persuade by other computer repair facilities that will tell you that you need to replace the entire motherboard for between $400 and $800. First try my Surgical jack repair. If I cannot fix it, I will not charge you for my time or efforts, troubleshooting or any extra estimate fee. Worse case scenario....I only charge you the cost of returning the unit un-repaired (Actual cost of return shipping).


1) I can do the repair for you and surgical repair the original power jack making it 2 to 3 times stronger.
    $98 (plus the cost of return shipping) ..complementary overall system check of main functions after the
    DC jack repair 

"PURCHASE Repair $98.00"   Repair Form TO Send with Repair for Dell Laptop DC Power Jack Repair



2) If you send the Motherboard only , $68.00 (plus cost of return shipping), I can do the DC jack repair and verify that the jack is repaired and that contact continuity from the adapter to the motherboard is good. Just can't check power on functions with only the motherboard. This option is good if you know for sure the jack is the problem. You would send only the Motherboard by itself and the power adapter.


3)I can sell you my #9 kit (10 piece DELL Conversion "jack/plug" Kit), which changes the original jack style to a different one and the power plug end as well to match the new plug. Only recommended if you are good at soldering and wiring skills (may be difficult for the novice and unskilled). $29.95 plus $3.95 s/h return postage. 


4) Or lastly...the Cheapest Solution around. If you send me the jack by itself , removed from the motherboard (as long as its not physically missing its contacts); I will surgically repair it if I'm able (which most of the time I can). And if  the jack is not beyond repair. ( Once the surgery is complete...I'll send it back to you once for $15.95 plus $3.95 s/h return postage
Here's more information for you on My Laptop Repair...Option #1 for the (when the entire laptop and adapter is sent in for the Dell power jack Surgical repair)
...Concerning your DELL Laptop, I have alot of info for you.  First off yes..... I can fix your laptops DC power jack problem for you .....should be no problem as I've done many, many of them and infact...just finished the repair on one Tuesday that needed my Surgical repair to restore its operations. The power jacks in these (the originals) break all the time, but with my surgical repair that I do on them...they become 2 to 3 times stronger once completed.  I do specialize in the Dell DC power jack repair and if your laptop has a bad power jack..I will fix it for you. Most of my inquiring-potential customers do complain that their laptops will not power up with the ac power adapter or if it does they have to move it around to find the "sweet spot". And the same with charging the battery. This is all usually indicative of a power jack problem.  One thing to keep in mind. You might try and limit your use of the laptop via the bad jack and adapter, due that with the intermittent contact that your experiencing with the laptops (power up and charge) function. With it working and not working, contact and no contact...ON and the OFF. This CAN  cause voltage spikes and High Current arcing on the motherboard that can...possibly.. (and I've seen this about 30 to 40% of the time with extended use); cause damage to the motherboard and or components on the motherboard and the surrounding circuits. All this to say..... if you decide to just use it as it is in its current careful and limit the amount of times that you are trying to make the contact with the it can be like playing Russian Roulette and its imperative that you get the Laptop fixed ASAP.
 I don't carry or have the "Industry Unique" Original direct replacement jack to offer you as a replacement, as that DELL jack is proprietary specifically to DELL and of course they will not sell it or make it available.  But I believe my DELL DC POWER JACK SURGICAL REPAIR to be even better than a replacement due to the extra steps taken to help greatly reduce any future problems. I do have a couple of alternatives that do work and have help many, many  of my customers bring back from the dead their DELL laptops.  On top of mentioned surgically repaired DELL power jacks are much stronger than even a new replacement far as life span goes.  I'll give you all the information for my service and details along with my address to send in the laptop and the power adapter for the repair. Most likely your power jack is bad, as they go bad all the time with the kind of power jack that yours is using.
The actual jack itself (in your laptop); is proprietary to DELL exclusively ...all to themselves and they will not sell it. So the actual replacement jack is "next to impossible" if not impossible to get on the open market. But (talking with DELL), I've found that they will sell you a motherboard for between $400 to $800; nice of them!  I have however perfected a surgical repair on the original power jack that comes with these DELL's having this unique "3 conductors"...that works (as long as the jack isn't too badly damaged). Once my Surgical repair is completed..the jack is 2 to 3 times stronger than even when it was originally new in your machine. This said....if you got a DC power jack problem with your laptop surgical repair WILL fix the problem for you. If the damage is too extensive for a surgical repair (rare)...,  ..I do have a work around DELL (jack & plug)..Conversion Kit that I can use. Some people want to try and install the "#9 -  Conversion Jack and Plug" themselves. It can be done (and is often done by many), but pleased be warned...its not for the novice ...but mainly for the above average intermediate level / and or experienced individuals. I charge $29.95 for the Kit. If it is a rare case when a Conversion Kit may be needed, I will notify you prior to any installation... via Email.
Summarizing the Process.....The repair on your Dell  Laptop can be done for a very good price of only $98.00 (plus return shipping costs)     The Unique Dell power jack uses a specialized jack that DELL is using with it 3 conductors verses the 2 of all other laptops; and the time consuming nature involved with surgically repairing this unique DC power jack they are using, along with its surrounding circuitry. I first will attempt a surgical repair on the power jack and most of the time this fixes the unit. I add additional / extra solder to all joints and then a special joint = extra-stabilizing compound to the repaired jack and motherboard. The resulting Surgically repaired jack is 2 to 3 times stronger than the original. If this (my normal surgical repair) , cannot be done for some reason (very rare)......I can install my conversion power ( jack and plug) #9 kit, if need be The kit runs $29.95 and would be estimated before installed. DELL themselves will only offer to the customer (for the DC jack problem) mostly ..just the motherboard replacement option for prices as high as $800.00. See the picture of my #9 kit I use for the conversion (used as a last resort) and completed repair/conversion. I actually prefer to Surgically repair the original power jack over both the Conversion Kit or even a new power jack, as the resulting repaired Dell laptop DC jack, is both stronger inside the Power jack and on the outside//motherboard connections and anchoring. 
You can get shipping for as low as $8.25 using the USPS "Flat Rate Shipping Box" that many of my customers across the nation use to save on shipping costs.  I'd love to help you out here and get your laptop back up and running for you. I'm located in Tacoma, WA. and I sell DC power jacks & service/repair laptops for both individuals and computer repair centers across the nation and even internationally. I have a quick turn around time (3 to 6 Working Days (M thru F) I'm off on the weekends;  from the point that I receive it); and its on its way back out ....on its way back to you, once paid.
RUSH SERVICE: For an additional  fee of $35.00, I will expedite it should you want this special option. Some people ask me for a quicker turnaround than the normal time frame, and want this option. What you get with the "Expedite Service" is....  Instead of taking you in turn with the other customers as their units arrive.....I'll drop everything I'm doing, and move your laptop to the front. In front  of those who are presently being worked and arrived ahead of you and repair your laptop "NOW" and complete it within 24 hours of receiving it or less. Once paid for ( the repair, expedite fee and return shipping)...It's out the Door into shipping on its way back to you. Otherwise, depending on the laptops in the shop here, it as previously mentioned...usually averaging  between 3 to 6 Working Days (M thru F);  from the point that I receive it, that I complete the repair unless there are complications with the repair. If you chose to use the EXPEDITE SERVICE...please write "RUSH SRVC" on the front and top of the box you will be shipping the laptop to me in; So that I can see it and tag it for immediate work.
 The problem that you described is a classic DC power jack problem that I fix all the time. Not only will I repair/replace the jack as needed,  I will  re enforce the jack to the motherboard with special compound to resist future stress and strain on the jack. Reassemble the unit and do a complementary overall system check out of the units main functions. Once completed and once paid for $98.00 (plus the cost of return shipping); its out the door to you. Here's some more information for you. Please let me know if you could with a quick return email to me, what you think you might like to do and if my services for repairing your laptop interest you or not. I'd love to do business with you and get your laptop back to its normal working self! Thanks alot and below is information I send people that inquire to me about my services.
PLEASE NOTE:   I only charge you the $98, plus the cost of return shipping;  if I fix your unit (laptop) for you. Otherwise the only charge is the cost of return shipping. If you would like an estimate for the parts and labor needed to fix your laptop for you ....I can provide that for you. The cost is only $18 and is applied to the repair should you opt for its repair.  I will always email you first (with estimate for additional parts);  should the laptop have additional problems than just the power jack. As sometimes I do get customers thinking that the power jack is the problem...when in reality it is something else.
More information is down below, along with my address of where to send the laptop and power adapter.... and if you could, please let me know when you get this email with a quick one in return to let me know if your interested or not and when you think that you might be sending it on in for the repair; if you decide upon my services
 I repair laptops for customers and computer repair shops alike all across the nation and specialize in the DC power jack repair/replacement service. It should be no problem at all with yours laptop  I'm going to send you some details about my service which includes my address of where to send it in to for the jack replacement. If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask. Also...please be sure to send in the power adapter/supply as well. Occasionally, the power plug end will also be damaged as the jack has been. Also, I like to have it for the complementary system check out of the units main functions once the repair
is complete and the laptop reassembled.

As mentioned before, No need to worry about payment until after the repair is complete and its ready for shipment back to you....I'll send you a Paypal request at that time. If you don't have paypal and or don't want to use it, you can send Money Order or Cashiers C heck is...once again fine as well.  When completed I'll send you an invoice for payment via Paypal (if you'd like to go thru Paypal..your choice), and once paid for I'll ship it back out to you ASAP.

 Once the repair/replacement is done, I add the re enforcement compound to the jack/mlb to help to prevent future problems and relieve the stress and strain on the repaired/replaced jack. I then reassemble the laptop, run a complementary overall system check out of the units main functions ....with results given to you.   




When you send the entire and complete laptop for the DC jack
replacement, the price is $98.00 (plus return shipping cost) for DELL's PLEASE NOTE:  A good thing about the laptop DC
jack service I provide is, if it turns out that the DC power jack if GOOD, and the problem is something else. I can estimate to

you what is needed for only $18.00. Or just return it for no charge (if estimate is not needed). For only the cost of return shipping.

This repair requires complete disassembly and reassembly, desoldering and proper removal of the old jack to repair, 

surgical repair of the internal jack Contacts and external pins/contacts. Proper soldering / installation & Reinforcement

of the nortorious  weak areas on and around the Dell DC  jack (to help prevent possible jack
failure in the future), repair of any broken traces if found and if repairable.   I will also check

over the laptops most commonly used functions as a courtesy.




For shipping, many of my customers use UPS, FedEx, DHL and USPS. If you
don't have a box at home, there are places that sell boxes and I've heard
that FedEx has a laptop box that is very nice (not sure on the price), The UPS
store and Staples also have Boxes and Packing. Or you can just go it yourself and get a box
and use bubble wrap all around the laptop surrounded by peanuts or newspaper or something else
to protect it.

The  Cheapest  way I've seen combined with quickest, is USPS. A handful of
customers have used USPS's "Flat Rate Box" which uses Priority Mail. Whatever you can fit
in the box doesn't matter, as far as the weight goes.  All for only $8.25       Priority Mail Flat-Rate Box (more info)   3 Day(s)  $8.25
The only drawback in my mind for this box and service is, that its a tight fit and you can only
get a layer or two layers of "the small bubbles wrap" or packing around it.  But of 20 units I've seen

use this method that have sent laptops to me, there has been 2 units that have incurred damage. Mostly

because they did use any bubble wrap at all, or any packing materials in the box (not smart). 

If you use Express Mail it may be expensive, but the trade off is quick! Many business people

will use their shipping accounts to and from me, if they have them. They will give me their account numbers to use

either FedEX or UPS when sending back, or a preprinted label to use.

Hopefully this will help with some shipping ideas for you.

You can either send Money Order, Cash, Cashiers check, Personal Check (if
you are okay with waiting 7 to 10 days for it to clear); with the unit
when you send it to me. Or you can wait until I get your laptops DC
repair/replacement done to pay. At that time I will send you an email
letting you know the unit is done, and thru PayPal I will send you a
request for payment for repair and the shipping total (ACTUAL shipping
costs back to you). Once you have paid,  it'll be on its way back to
you. Here's My address is as follows, to send in the laptop and power adapter for repair: 

Darren Dowd
The Laptop Doctor
3214 NE 55th Pl.
Tacoma, WA. 98422

Please be sure and include your power adapter with the laptop when you
send it, so I can check the voltage on it. Very often the power
tip/plugs have taken on damage as well. If it has a problem, I will try
and fix it for you as part of the repair for both options. No extra
costs for that.

My turn around time for the in house shop repair, until its back in the shipping

system is generally just 3 to 5 Working Days (M thru F); from the point
that I receive it unless there are severe complications or
additional steps required; which usually isn't the case. Alot of times, even quicker. Please let me
know if this will work for you or not.


Darren (Doc) Dowd
The Laptop Doctor